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·         Yang Cheng Fu’s style of Tai chi chuan, or “Yang style” as it is commonly
 called, is the art of supreme harmony. It is characterized by the
 body’s continuous, uninterrupted movement, and a state of
consciousness unified with nature in the here and now. Yang style
 tai chi chuan synchronizes space, time, and movement.
Yang style tai chi chuan is very often practiced in groups, as in seen
daily in parks and public spaces and training centers around the
world. To accomplish the fluid and harmonious state just described,
groups of practitioners must maintain constant and equal space between
 each other. In this way, members of the group collaborate in the
 maintenance of fluidity, and each individual member contributes to the
 beneficial experience of the whole group. This fluidity is essential
 to maintain a state of equilibrium and to achieve a moving meditation.
 In September of 2000 I began to research the application of Yang style
 tai chi chuan in Rio de Janeiro’s vehicular traffic in order to understand
 if it could improve the quality of life in the city. I discovered that
 by maintaining a distance equal to the length of a typical car between
my car’s front bumper and the rear bumper of the driver in front of
 me, as well as an equal space behind me made driving easier. The added
 space permits vehicles in traffic to move forward at the same time, in
synchrony. Contrast this to bumper to bumper traffic, which is far
 slower since each car must wait for the car in front to move before it
 can begin to accelerate.
 The technique is simple: in slow traffic maintain at least the space
 of a car in front of you, and increase the distance in proportion with
 your driving velocity. For example, at 80 km/h (50 mph) at least five
 cars’ worth of space should be allowed.
 We all know that driving can be stressful. Stress alters the focus of
 our thoughts, which in turn consumes our vital energy. The
 implementation of this simple strategy allows us to achieve in
 vehicular traffic the same kind of meditation in continuous movement
 as one achieves during the correct practice of Yang style tai chi chuan.
 This equilibrium in traffic will reduce stress and bring us
 satisfaction from participating the harmonious movement of the city.
 This satisfaction is brought about by fluidity- and it is fluidity
 that recharges us.
 Yang Style tai chi chuan recognizes that all things are connected; this
 includes the connection of urban traffic to the conduct of society as
 a whole. In fact, the possibilities of applying Yang Style tai chi chuan
 to all facets of human interaction are endless, as are the possible
 benefits from such application. Most obviously, once applied in urban
 transit this strategy will reduce the number of tragic traffic
 accidents. But on a spiritual and metaphysical level, by reducing
 stress and providing space -both physical and social- for people to
 exist in, Yang style tai chi chuan can reduce urban violence and make
 collective life more pleasant. The social fluidity than can result
 from the practice of Yang style tai chi chuan can result in greater
 happiness- considering that harmony on all levels is needed for true
 happiness to exist.
 If on a world wide scale, drivers in urban transit were to approach
 their task as an opportunity to perfect the art of driving in the same
 way that the practitioner of Yang style tai chi chuan approaches his or
her practice, our generation would be waging an effective campaign to
 relieve stress, achieve societal harmony, and combat violence in all
 its forms.


Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” is an applied tool of Albert Einstein’s,E=mc², formula pertaining to “quantum democracy.” Quantum democracy can be observed in the daily movements of all people, regardless of their particular political beliefs or system in which they live. It is a tool that can be used to transform consciousness in a natural way, without creating new obstacles in the urban space-time continuum. 

Through the application of “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” tourists visiting Rio de Janeiro during the 2007 Pan American Games would use their innate ability to adapt to enter into synchronicity in Rio’s public space. This will in turn awaken a general harmony as all others strive to match the behavior of others around them.  This possibility, in the context of a multi-national event such as the 2007 Pan American games, means that consciousness will be awakened in the same way as in the public squares of Ancient Greece.

Today, however, we have the tools of modern information technology at our fingertips. This means the message of harmony and quantum democracy through the daily practice of “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” can quickly reach around the planet.  “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” is an instrument of quantum democracy which can be applied in any political system, including in democracy. The idea of quantum democracy, based on the proven formula put forth by Albert Einstein, doesn’t interfere with any political system because there is no nation that can live without harmony and fluidity in their commercial relations. All nations depend, for example, on the distribution of what they produce as well as the consumption of their products, and financial operations on all levels absolutely depend on the fluidity of the flows of exchange.

This is especially true in the context of globalization. This applies to all political systems in existence, in addition to all those that may one day come to be.  This is why those in the People’s Republic of China, for example, who transfer Tai Chi from the public squares to mass transit flows via “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” will be practicing quantum democracy. Yet they will not be in conflict with their own political system, which of course, is not a democracy.  In this way, whether in Brazil, the United States, or China quantum democracy contributes to society since everyone depends on harmony and fluidity in public space.   Within the Chinese population there is a great number of people who desire democracy.

If the population were conscious of the fact that while in public squares practicing quantum democracy through Tai Chi Chuan, this would reduce the risk of political conflicts among those who plan against the government in search of democracy. In this way, uncertainty in China diminishes, which in turn reduces international tensions and increases the capacity of the whole planet to unify.  This vision can be had through the creation of a system in which the individual of any nation is conscious of their daily participation in this new way of using public space.  

From Rio de Janeiro to the United States and on to China- this idea of quantum democracy and the practice of “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit” can take root through the media. If this happens everyone will benefit from a body of action that is global in scale, with millions seeking to perfect their daily practice. The practice of “Tai Chi Yang in mass transit”, through fostering fluidity and creating space in the movements of dense urban populations will make life easier for emergency personnel and security forces operating in cities, reduce urban violence, and increase the quality of life for everyone.

Autor: Márcio Lacerda (Brasil) marciolacerda@taichichuanbrasil.com.br  

Tradução:Alfred Pacile  (U.S.A.) pacile@gmail.com  



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